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jazz academy dates
level two

1. November 14, 15, 2015
2. December 12, 13, 2015
3. January 30, 31, 2016
4. March 5, 6, 2016
5. April 16, 17, 2016

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about the program
We are proud to offer advanced and professional jazz vocalists a unique curriculum that includes 100 hours of training in vocal improvisation with an option to participate in a creative vocal ensemble, which includes two concerts. This program will be held at  iMusic School Rome in five weekend sessions, November 2015 through April 2016.   
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   Program Options  Fees
1) Vocal Jazz Academy
     Weekend sessions
2) Creative Vocal Ensemble
     Sunday evenings, two concerts
3) Certification Program
     Academy + Creative Vocal Ensemble 

For Level 2 Singers:
Academy Homework
Vocal Ensemble Homework
vocal jazz academy level 2

Bob Stoloff's Vocal Jazz Academy includes in-depth training in vocal improvisation, instru-vocal articulation, rhythm, spontaneous group improvisation, stage performance training, lead sheet preparation, vocal technique, and music theory.  Fees include all instructional materials, scores,  Bob's books Rhythmania!Recipes for Soloing over Jazz Standards, Volume 1 and supporting audio.
Principal Teacher
Bob Stoloff
Theory and Harmony
Jazz Vocal Technique
Stefania Patanè 
For the Vocal Jazz Academy, students are required to enroll in the full course of 5 weekends. 
Program Description  Schedule
creative vocal ensemble

Bob Stoloff’s Creative Vocal Ensemble 
embraces both traditional and contemporary forms of group singing, featuring works by well-known composers and arrangers.. C.V.E. is also a platform for contemporary group improvisation skills and the creation of spontaneous compositions. Participants will learn how to collate musical ideas, layer parts, sing in tune, achieve vocal blend and keep good time using a variety of tonalities, meters and  stylistic grooves.  This advanced ensemble will culminate in a live performance,
Note: Singers enrolled in the certification program participate both in the jazz academy and the creative vocal ensemble/ jazz choir.
Singers may sign up for only the jazz choir, but this is not part of the certification program.
NOTE: For each of the five scheduled Sunday creative vocal ensemble rehearsals we are offering a special vocal technique workshop PLUS repertoire review session with the leadership of Stefania Patene. Singers not enrolled in the certificate program should arrive at 5:00 on Sunday ready to sing. Stefania will work with the singers to develop vocal technique and musical security. Bob will join the ensemble at 6:15 with the certificate program singers and rehearsal will continue under Bob's direction until 9:30.
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