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Bob is one of the most amazing teachers I've ever worked with. Concerning scat singing - Bob's the one and only! Through private lessons and a one-week master class in Paris, I've gained so many tools and skills - and most important: interest, inspiration and motivation! Bob teaches with great respect for each of his students and has a great sense of humor! While working with Bob I've always felt that I was improving while having fun and feeling secure.   Malene Kjaergaard

Thanks to Bob Stoloff for helping me build on my college-level music theory studies and apply it to vocal improvisation.
It's like having a new superpower!
  Margo Hennebach

Bob was incredible and probably one of my top 3 teachers of all time, if not number one. He really understands the role of sincere positive reinforcement coupled with clear directives in the learning process. I picked up on this same sentiment from some of the other students that were there for his segment also. As a voice teacher, it is what I strive for with my students as well. Take care and I hope to come back for more!    Marie Black

 I have been blown into a new age. Into a universe with a musical vocabulary much greater than the old one, I've felt stuck with. After three incredible days with exploding brains, scales in a vast hodgepodge, way too fast subdivisions, touching ballads, breathtaking bebop solos, vibrating sambas, bossas, heavy swunk and circulating swing I will take a deep breath before I go back to work. Hooray for Bob Stoloff  - and Hooray for exchange between colleagues in a safe and courageous forum.
Rikke Bjerring

 .. Just a few words to tell you that it was such a magic encounter for me, both musically and from a human point of view. Short yet fascinating, focused yet "expanded". As I already told you, I'm sure that your approach to students and music is always the same wherever you teach. But I felt so at ease when we were working together as if you perfectly know the best way to "talk" to me and make me pay attention even to small details. More than that, such a "familiar" feeling of tenderness, respect and "nearness"  as if we had already met and known each other for a very long time. Perhaps this is just the magic of music or, and this is what I do think, the Beauty of Life bringing people to meet  more than once! In either case……an extraordinary gift  Antonella 

I would like to thank you once again for the workshop at Evoc the past weekend!  
You gave me a great power and desire to study even more. 

Yes, we truly had quite a unique week together with Bob who, I believe, surprised us all, not only with his musicality, but with his humor, kind spirit and generosity.  He is quite a remarkable teacher with keen pedagogical skill yet, more important, he has an intuition for each singer's needs.  We were all enamored by his personal manner of working with us as individuals and a group.  And I must add that Bob was, by far, the best educator I've worked with in the last 30 years.
Jane  Rudnick

You have given to me a new light from above!
Roberta Giovanardi 

It has been really exciting to participate in the three day workshop with the amazing Bob Stoloff - my ears grew to double size as scales, rhythms, sight reading, progressions, scat were presented - serious work and so much fun at the same time ... And not least to be with lovely singing colleagues - hooray for new communities and new inspiration!   Clara Vuust

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