Radio and Television

·      WBUR, Tony Cenamo Show
·      WGBH, Ron Dellachiesa Show
·      WBUR, “The Connection”
·      WERS, Emerson College
·      Brandeis University College Station, Waltham, MA
·      WCBV, New England Sunday
·      WLVI, Arts Preview
·      WBZ, Boston
·      WICT, Worcester
·      Brookline Community Cable Network
·      Somerville Community Cable Network
·      Danmarks Radio, Copenhagen
·      Munchner Jazz, Germany
·      Sudwestfunk, Germany
·      Norway (local network)
·      Austria (local network)
·      France (local network)
·      Switzerland (local network)

With Bobby McFerrin's Vocal Summit

·      Boulder Jazz Festival, Colorado, USA
·      Donaueschingen Musiktage, West Germany
·      Ludwigsberg Castle Jazz Festival, West Germany
·      Balver Hohle Jazz Festival, West Germany
·      Berlin Jazz Garden Festival, West Germany
·      Jazz Initiative Festival, West Germany
·      Jazz Fabrik, West Germany
·      Hofheim Jazz Festival, West Germany
·      Gutersloh Jazz Festival, West Germany
·      Nyon Jazz Festival, Switzerland
·      Basel Jazz Festival, Basel, Switzerland
·      Ljubljana Jazz Festival, Slovenia
·      Four Roses Jazz Festival, Rome, Italy
·      Bergamo Jazz Festival, Milano, Italy
·      Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy
·      Jazz Summit, Wiesen, Austria
·      Club Montmartre, Copenhagen, Denmark
·      North Sea Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Holland
·      Molde International Jazz Festival, Molde, Norway
·      Stockholm Jazz Festival, Stockholm, Sweden