Cover design: Steve Parke
Book design: Susan Mangan

Book & CD set

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Rhythmania! is specifically designed to help you connect with rhythm more intimately, and incorporate rhythmic diversity in your vocal performance. The book includes 12 chapters of instru-vocal exercises, complete with scores and a CD you can sing along with. From funk and swunk to swing-opation, these exercises are comprehensive, challenging and fun to learn! Explore drum grooves, bass articulations and the language of big band brass while you hone a variety of relevant skills including lyrical phrasing, scat singing, vocalese, “locking in” with rhythm section grooves, doubling, harmonizing, and any other activity requiring rhythmic precision.




Realizing the heart beat of the music,

Learn to sing on upbeats rather than downbeats.
Study Bob Stoloff’s great singer rhythm work.
Listen to the music of the world, sing along as best you can.
You don’t have to go to conservatory to learn.
 I ask that singers working with me learn syncopation.
Realizing the tremendous power of rhythm to call us all to song…….
So how can it be that singers don’t study all kinds of rhythms?
All essential life is in rhythm.
Every breath we take is part of the rhythm of being alive.
That is—RHYTHM.
Go to hear live music that defies your understanding
and open your beautiful ears to it.
Sing with others who have different musical minds. Trade ideas.
The power of rhythm….the heartbeat of us all
...never fear just let in the polyrhythm.
   ~  Rhiannon