1. TV Medley

TV Medley: Can you say “couch potato?” I say, “can’t live without TV,” and television in the 50’s was most excellent, not that I don’t enjoy writing my books these days with Law & Order, Monk or NCIS as background ambiences…So one day, way back when, I decided to see how bad I really was-true story-regarding TV themes embedded in the deepest gray matter folds of my brain. Without any reference scores I mapped out a sequence of themes from some of my favorite shows and connected them with a variety of compositional devices using simple modulation schemes and rhythmic interfacing. One theme led to another and voila! I wound up with a 21-theme medley highlighting TV’s greatest hits-in my mind. Part 2 is still ruminating cause there are so many more I didn’t include-but see how many you can recognize (it’s okay to use the pause button) and be advised that some themes are short, fleeting excerpts while others are a bit more obvious. The arrangement features my instru-vocal Stoloff brass section, fully loaded with shakes & spills, along with my expertise as a studio drummer. There are also some special features like background vocal chicken tracks, vocal bluegrass guitar and various layers of intentional humor. Enjoy!