1. Andy's Theme

Andy’s Theme: “The Fishin’ Hole, written by Earle Hagen & Herbert Spencer with lyrics by Everett Sloane, is the actual name of the theme to the popular Andy Griffith Show. Instead of recording the lyrics, Earle decided to whistle the melody instead, which iconized this catchy theme and placed it in my TV Theme Hall of Fame!  I decided to follow Earl’s good judgment and even took it up a notch with a short “puccolo” solo a la Ron McCroby. For an extra kick, I dusted off my horn, got my chops back up and threw in a trumpet solo for good measure. The spoken exclamation at the end of the tune (with my poor attempt at southern drawl), “You sure know how to swing, Aunt Bea,” is humorously directed toward one of the characters on the show played by the late Francis Bavier.