Bob Stoloff Workshop Tech Requirements

Here is a description of what I will need for my presentation - it's actually very simple: (print version)


Piano (electronic keyboard is fine) with adjustable bench

PA system or suitable amplification with the following considerations:


1. my voice from a boom mic located at the piano so I can play and sing (Shure SM-58 or similar mic will suffice)

2. my voice from a second mic-on stand facing audience in front of the piano for when I'm singing along to CD's but not playing piano

3. Depending on the size of the group, a 3rd mic is helpful to pass around the group as we trade phrases to various CD tracks and all students participate in this. A cordless mic is recommended especially for large groups but a regular mic with an extra long cable extension will suffice.

4. sing-along tracks generated from my computer need to be amplified via cable (stereo mini-plug to Left-Right quarter inch inputs (or RCA type inputs) I have both type of cables just in case!

5. small 4 channel mixer (for the 2 vocal mics and one computer output)

6. one music stand

7. one chair in front of keyboard facing participants