Thanks for the great summer!

The Paris workshops was full of interesting and talented singers - as always, our annual retreat at Zeeveld was beautiful and restful welcoming returning and new singers, (stay tuned for 2017 dates) closing with the super cool workshop in hot Madrid! 

We have heard very positive feedback from singers who love the a la carte workshops which support more flexibility and a shorter time commitment than our usual 5 weekend Vocal Jazz Academy programs. I enjoy all the workshops, especially when I get to work with singers for more than one weekend. it makes me happy to hear how you are developing as a singer and a musician ...and, I must say, simply great to be together.

Enjoy these last precious days of summer. I look forward to seeing you and singing together soon!  ~  Bob

a la carete offerings planned for Baltimore, Brattleboro, Amsterdam and Rome.
contact Margie if you want to schedule a workshop in your school or community.

WEEKEND #1: Scat and Rhythmania!  
This is a great workshop for singers and teachers of all levels and styles who want to improve their rhythmic understanding, learn how to practice and develop a comprehensive vocabulary of rhythmic figures. Lots of singing in the circle, call-response exercises and ensemble applications. 
Includes 2 books:  Scat! and Rhythmania! 

WEEKEND #2:  Soloing: Finding The Right Notes  
For advanced singers who want to improvise over chord changes and develop skills for creating  noteworthy solos. Sessions include building solos over jazz repertoire and improvising to contemporary grooves in the circle. 
Includes 1 book: Recipes For Soloing Over Jazz Standards 

WEEKEND #3:  Singing with the Band- Stage Performance Master Class    
Open to all singers-all levels. Send Bob 2 charts (lead sheets) before the workshop and  enjoy learning how to lead the band, communicate effectively with a rhythm section and prepare for a successful audition or performance. Great opportunity to work with live musicians applying Bob's experiential training as both band leader and rhythm section player..  Work with a jazz trio!