Zeeveld Schedule Overview

Arrival - 12 noon 
Singers should plan to arrive at Zeeveld mid-day; our week will begin together with a group dinner that evening.  All meals will be provided during the week. 

Workshop Sessions - Singers will have six hours of workshop sessions per day.  
Sessions to include: 
  • Rhythmic and melodic improvisation
  • Vocal-Body Beats 
    This session will offer first-hand training in a new and unique musical expression that merges vocal percussion with body drumming techniques. Enjoy learning a potpourri of jazz and world music beats using a variety of contemporary styles while increasing your dexterity, rhythmic vocabulary and skill in single, double and triple tongue articulation.
  • 'Instru-Vocal' articulation - discover new phrasing and vocabulary
  • Creative Vocal Ensemble 
  • Singing with a jazz trio - One day of coaching sessions
Departure - 12 noon 
Breakfast provided, morning session and checkout by noon.